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Information about the Coldari computer.

Processor: Coldfire MCF5474, 266MHz, 400MIPS
RAM: - DDR: 512MB Main- + 128MB Video- and special RAM on Board, Speed: 1GB/s,
           - Static: 512kB, for DSP and others, 200MB/sec
Flash: 8MB on Board for Operating Systems
Operating systems: TOS/MINT/RTOS Pearl/Linux
Atari kompatible interface ports:
- TT/Falcon-IDE, ST/TT-Floppy
- TT-SCSI (but faster), ACSI
- ROM-Port: 2x2mm Connector
- Printer, ST/TT-seriel, Midi, ST-Sound (mixed to line out and mono out in the AC'97)
- ST/TT/Falcon-Video over DVI-I (norml analog, digital if desired)
- Atari-Keyboard with Mouse

Other Ports:
- DVI-I (analog and digital)
- Coldari Video Modes (normal digital max.168MHz, analog if desired max.128MHz):
           - All Monitors 60Hz: 1600x1200 max
           - TFT Monitors 60Hz: 1920x1200 max (reduced blanking)
- Ethernet 10/100, 1 Port
- USB 2.0 Host (uPD720101), 1 Port internal, 4 Ports external, 2 Ports high Power (500mA)
- Compact-Flash, 1 Port
- SD-Card, 1 Port
- AC'97 Stereo Codec with DMA-Sound Output and 48kHz Sampling Input
- Sound_Connectors: LineIn, LineOut, Mic (Mono); DVD/CD internal
- PS2 Mouse/Keybord Port
- Game Port
Battery Powered (standard about h, more if desired)
PCI 33MHz 3.3Volt direct Edge for passive backplane
Power and Console controller with real time clock, PIC18F4520
Extension socket: 60Pol (DSPI 33MBaud, seriel sync or async about 33MBaud, 26Bit I/O about 133MHz, I2C-Bus)
Planed extensions in the future: Falcon DSP in the FPGA
Format: Card 90mm x 260mm x 20mm
Status: Testing Prototyps, revision schemas and layout for first serie!
Probability of realisation: 96%

Price for the Board: 599.-- excl.VAT and excl.shipping;

Coldari1 Board excl. VAT/MWSt
Attention: The price is with the added 4% expenses for Paypal.

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