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Information about the T40 computer.

T40 board

T40 board

General info

The T40 is the first TOS computer with his Motorola MC68040 processor. It has a modified TOS 3.06 and is because of this completely TOS compatible. All clean programs will run.
The T40 is the first TOS compatible computer of the firm Medusa Computer Systems. But there is also the Hades 040 and 060.

Technical data of T40:
  • CPU: Motorola MC68040, 64Mhz
  • Power: 26 MIPS, 4.5 MFLOPS
  • Bus:
    • 6x main-bus, 32bit data, 32bit address, 32Mhz, bus-snooping (R/W)
    • 4x ST-bus, 16bit data, 24 address, 8Mhz
    • 2x RAM-bus, for more than 128MB main memory
  • Transfer:
    • main-bus: max. 85MB/sec
    • ST-bus: max 4MB/sec
  • capacity:
    • RAM on board 128MB, with card max. 4GB
    • ROM 0.5-2MB, 32Bit data, 100ns
  • ST I/O card:
    • printer (centronics-parallel)
    • modem 1 (RS232C) till 115'000 baud
    • Midi
    • ISA-bus 16 bit (intern) for graphic card
    • IDE (intern) for ATA-harddrive (max. 2)
    • ST-Sound
    • DMA (ACSI)
    • serial 1 (RS232C) like TT
    • ST/TT-keyboard connection
    • floppy-bus (intern) for DD-ED
    • batterie supported clock.
  • possible extras:
    • SCSI card (TT compatible), 4MB/sec
    • VME-bus-card with ROM-port and counter
    • ROM-portcard with counter
  • 12 months garantie


Isn't produced anymore.

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